Our company works in a variety of professional fields, from content writing, software engineering, Human Resources and more. The privacy policy of company is the sole purpose of what keeps us motivated and running. A privacy policy of any company varies from employee’s safety to our products safety, here at ZS-Ventures we aim to create an environment where our employees feel comfortable and so do our services.

Use of User Information

The reason for such practice, is to make decisions that will benefit our employees. Allowing us access to your personal information will help us in making decisions that can benefit your product, our employees will be able make amendments to any area that needs to be updated to match the market changes as they occur. Secondly access to user information allows ZS-Ventures to create a product that outshines all your competitors, as communication and user data helps us target what data to put forth to our consumers to keep them on our platform. Another reason of access to such information, we will be able to identify how the traffic is coming and checking the trend around your app, website, product or service and keeping suspicious activity at bay.

Disclosure of User Information

Our company strives to make sure all confidential clauses are kept within the company heads and amended when needed in the right hands e.g., our certified team members however in only emergency cases to keep consumer loyalty and brand image positive we might reveal certain flaws with their updates or changes to keep the consumers in the loop but with the consent of your company. Secondly our highly qualified team of engineers will be focusing on creating the app, website, product or service in safe hands and circles with constant security updates and virus checks from time to time, as our company is very strict in terms of privacy and make sure our clients as well as employees don’t face any privacy related issue.

Besides all the information above, any further questions will be entertained on visits to the office or in our FAQ section , as we will be able to give a more catered response based on your product, vision and mission or in urgency you can contact our HR Office with your relative query.

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