Why Maintenance Matters

A website has to be looked after in regards to many factors, however one of the biggest factors to maintaining and regularly updating the software and content on your website so that your site doesn’t face any issue or run down. In order to keep any website successfully up and running the company will look after the elements that will cause any future problems and cater them as soon as possible to avoid any delay or run down. With many viruses and bugs our company will keep it our top priority to update and maintain the website on a regular basis to keep the traffic inflowing, to keep your website in the market and attractive the themes and plugins will be constantly checked and changed to avoid any decrease in growth. Planning ahead reduces the chance that you will need to face any emergency update or security set up due to server being run down or hacked. Our team makes sure to with WordPress maintain and support plans that makes your website perform to its full potential.

Maintenance Plan

24hr WordPress Support

Our WordPress Development Process

Monitor Site

Our Team will monitor your site daily, and manually login to check your site once a week to apply any plugin, core and theme updates. To which we will then check your site to ensure no issues occurred after the updates. If any problem arises our team will resolve it in no time.


Creating a backup will allow your data to be kept safe in a secondary space and we will take daily backups of the entire site, and keep the backup stored until the new one is scheduled. At the end of the month the company will do a monthly backup so just In case your website or you demand any old element, we can easily restore your site from an earlier backup.

Final Plan

We offer (emergency) fixes with the maintenance and support plan. Thus, keeping your WordPress site updated and out of any potential problem. This excludes issues with any new development/functionality that has been added outside of our company.

WordPress is constantly evolving with new features and security improvements and keeping sites up to date is one of the best ways to stay secure and get the most out of your WordPress website.

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